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What I Won’t Do

As an Authorised Marriage Celebrant appointed by the Australian Government there are a number of things that I am not legally able to do:

  • Perform surprise weddings where those being “surprised” are the bride or groom (if the couple plan the surprise and meet the minimum notice period and legal requirements to marry, I am more than happy to participate in keeping the plans confidential and helping pull off the surprise!)
  • Marry you in less time than the minimum notice period, unless you have approval from the appropriate authority. More information is available on
  • Perform a marriage ceremony where there are any outstanding legal requirements i.e. siting original copies of required documents
  • Perform a marriage ceremony where there is doubt that either the bride or groom's consent is real consent.
  • Pretend that a ceremony is a legal marriage ceremony when it is not. For example - you want a re-run of your original marriage ceremony for guests or family that may have been unable to attend due to your location choice or their availability for your original ceremony. I am happy to perform a ceremony to reaffirm the vows you exchanged, including the any other parts of your original ceremony as long as you aren't asking me to participate in breaching any element of the Australian Marriage Act.

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